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10 Best Family Hikes around Canmore

For 0-3 years

Daddy is going to make the hard work but we want the little ones to be able to hang around. These hikes are close to the parking lot have elevation to get great views but places to be able to let the little ones go.

  1. Grassi Lake
  2. Chester Lake
  3. Rawson Lake (Kananaskis)


For 3-6 years

Now the small ones will take the lead and mom will chase them. Our favorite hikes with our kids include shorter less challenging places where the parents do not have to stress a ton. 2-3km 150-250 elevation

  1. Heart Creek Canyon
  2. Jura Canyon
  3. Grotto Canyon


For 6-10 years

Now we are introducing epic hikes for the kids are redy for adventure. These hikes are demanding, steep but very rewarding. Any time you can turn back and still have great views. 3-5km 500-600m elevation (yes relax kids can do it.. gummy bears make a difference)

  1. Ha-Ling Peak
  2. Lady Mac Donald
  3. Sulphur Mountain (Banff)

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