Banff and Around with Babies

Interactive Google Maps Guide

Know the best hidden and uncrowded walks, hikes, bike rides and playgrounds around Banff.

Enjoy Yourself

Don’t stress over all the options the Canadian Rockies can offer. Find out what’s the best for you travelling with your small children.

Interactive Map

Open the guide on your smartphone and read the extra baby related notes, check the map or get directions quickly.

Plan Ahead

Know where to park, how long the walk will be, whether you can use a stroller or a backpack carrier and how crowded the place will be

Enjoying the Rockies with a baby can be challenging

Planning a trip can be overwhelming when there’s too much information to sift through
Babies come with uncertainties and travelling with them limits your options 
Banff can be very crowded and the best hidden places hard to find 
Families with small children need special care to prevent stress during vacation
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Best Walks with
a Stroller


Best Hikes with
Backpack Carrier


Best Bike Rides with a Chariot


Best Bike Rides with Chariot


Best Walks with a Baby Carrier


Best Photo


Best Rainy Day Activities

Download the map to your phone

Don’t get caught up with the crowd going only to the busiest places. 

Don’t get overwhelmed figuring how to get the most out of your trip to Banff. 

Don’t take on the stress of winging it every day without a proper plan in place.

Here is what you need to do:

Download the

Find all the great places on a downloadable map


Plan your

Know all the details that matter - where to park, amenities, cell phone coverage, length, difficulty and special notes

Use the app during your vacation

Navigate all these easily with your smartphone


Enjoy the best places with your baby

Mix short walks, hikes, scenic stops, city walks, and playgrounds to get the most out of each day 
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Every family with small children deserves to enjoy the active exploration of the Canadian Rockies

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We have four children and we didn’t want to slow down while on vacation. We wanted to explore and get all we could out of our trips, but we all know babies need to sleep during the day, are capable of doing short walks only and need to go to bed earlier.

 We live here in the Rockies and we explored all the great places worth a visit here with small children. We collected the best short walks, hikes, bike rides, playgrounds or rainy day activities in and around Banff.

 --- Viki & Denes ---
The google maps guide was a game changer, I had a list of things to do every day, we discovered beautiful hidden waterfalls and we got the most out of our trip in Banff.
- Rixi - Mom of two
The best part was that we were able to navigate to the trailheads quickly, we knew all the amenities there, the length and difficulty of the hikes and the needed time to spend.
- Adam - Dad of two
I have tried to plan trips with books, maps and browsing the internet. This Google Maps Guide was the easiest way to plan a challenging trip with my family
- Timea - Mom of three
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